Jani Zupan

Jani Zupan

Managing Partner, CEO

Direktor, Partner

Jani joined Profil in 2001 and has been actively involved with the organisation as partner and lately also as CEO. His expertise starts in executive search at senior and board levels, covering executive recruitment and selection, business and organisational advice. He has worked with many small, medium-sized and leading companies in a variety of fields, and has provided highly personalised solutions and valuable HR advice and support to many organisations in the SE Europe region. Jani has strong skills in analysing business needs and creating suitable HR solutions very quickly by looking at problems from different perspectives. His additional strengths include executive coaching, talent acquisition, succession planning, strategic HR planning, outplacement programmes, career counselling, organisational restructuring and organisational development. He specialises in pharmaceuticals, the healthcare industry, FMCG and ICT, in which he has extensive experience and knowledge.

Jani holds an executive MBA from IEDC and a BSc in HR (sociology), and is a managing director (CEO) at Profil Management Consulting. He is responsible for strategic corporate management and organisational development, securing strategic partnerships and developing strong business relations.

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