Tailor-made methodology

In order to achieve our exacting quality standards, we have cutting-edge tools and resources in place to find the right match between your job requirements and the candidate’s competencies. Recruiting key leaders for your organisation requires a thorough HR analysis and an in-depth assessment of each candidate's personality, know-how and skills. We deliver on this commitment through our tailor-made methodology, which is based on:

  • CBI (Competency Based Interview)
  • Sociometric Tools
  • Psychometric Tests & Questionnaires
  • PPA (Profil’s Performance Appraisal Tool)
  • 360° Feedback
  • Organisational Measurement Questionnaires

“5-STEP” Executive search & Selection model

At Profil, we listen and work closely with you to develop an effective working partnership and to ensure we understand your needs, strategic objectives and search requirements. We give our experience and insight for each candidate and provide you with customised analytical research, ensuring the effectiveness of the recruitment process.

We define

  • Define search priorities:
  • Introductory meeting with the client – define business needs
  • Briefing about the client, job position, target expectations – define the candidate profile description

We find

  • Find suitable candidates:
  • Directly on the market (Headhunting)
  • Profil’s candidate database (over 50,000 candidates)
  • Advertising (according to position and the client’s requirements)

We check

  • Check whether potential candidates possess the competencies required:
  • In-depth competency based interview (CBI)
  • Psychometric questionnaires and tests
  • Reference checking

We provide

  • Provide the client with the most suitable and motivated candidates:
  • Evaluation report (career path, personality traits, competency appraisal)

We follow up

  • Help broker agreement between the client and the chosen candidate
  • Follow up with the client and the candidate in the first months of employment

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