Team Presentation

ERNI CURK - Managing director, Partner

Erni is a passionate HR professional and is currently the CEO/Director of Profil d.o.o. Erni’s work experience spans 15 years in human resource management. He has a strong HRM background at senior and board levels, covering executive recruitment and selection, business and organisational advice, performance and appraisal management, cultural development and strategic HR planning. His main strengths lie in assisting organisations and individuals to improve performance and effect cultural change efficiently and successfully.

Erni holds a university degree in economics. He is responsible for strategic corporate management and organisational development, securing strategic partnerships and developing strong business relations, while also delivering performance in executive recruitment. As a CEO, he is fully dedicated to ensuring the success of Profil’s clients and his team.

JANI ZUPAN - Consultant, Partner

Jani joined Profil in 2001 and has been actively involved with the organisation as an HR consultant and headhunter ever since. He has worked with many small, medium-sized and leading companies in a variety of fields, and has provided highly personalised solutions and valuable HR advice and support to many organisations in the SE Europe region. Jani has strong skills in analysing business needs and creating suitable HR solutions very quickly by looking at problems from different angles. His strengths include executive coaching, talent acquisition, succession planning, strategic HR planning, outplacement programmes, performance management design, organisational restructuring and organisational development. He specialises in pharmaceuticals, the healthcare industry, FMCG and ICT, in which he has extensive experience and knowledge.

Jani holds an MBA from IEDC and a BSc in HR (sociology), and is a managing partner at Profil Management Consulting.

PRIMOŽ KLEMEN - Consultant, Partner

Primož has 26 years’ experience as a consultant, trainer and coach, has assessed several hundred participants of various profiles, and has delivered consulting to more than 70 companies in different branches in 6 countries. With his extensive and broad ranging senior HR experience, he offers expertise in human resources, management, leadership and coaching. His HR services include HR strategy development and implementation, leadership and management support, with the focus on personal and business coaching programmes and training, organisational development, change management and talent management.

Primož co-founded the company in 1989 and has been closely involved ever since. He now works as an independent consultant and managing partner at Profil Management Consulting. He holds a degree in philosophy and psychology from the University of Ljubljana.

HELENA KUPLJEN - Consultant, Partner

Helena has worked at Profil for nine years as a business psychologist in HR, consultant and coach. Her work focuses on developing, implementing and evaluating employee selection and recruitment procedures, including psychometric tests and questionnaires, competency-based interviews, 360° feedback, Profil’s performance appraisal tool, and organisational measurement questionnaires. She applies her expertise in creating leadership support programmes to provide coaching, guidance and advice. She has a particular skill in identifying talent, her speciality being evaluating and improving personnel strategies and enhancing the success of the organisational culture, including coaching programmes.  

Helena graduated in psychology from the University of Ljubljana. She is Head of the Development and Methodology Department and a managing partner at Profil Management Consulting.

ZORAN LAZUKIĆ - Consultant, Partner

Zoran has worked as an HR consultant for more than 14 years.  He has extensive experience in recruiting professionals at management and board level for private as well as public companies, his specialist area being headhunting. He is an expert in his field and eager to produce work of impeccable quality, using his knowledge to work with people. His strengths and experience include headhunting, executive search and compensation all over the Adriatic region. As an experienced outplacement consultant, Zoran works with organisations and individuals, and has a proven track record in assignments from senior manager to chief executive level.

Zoran holds an MA in Sociology and is a managing partner at Profil Management Consulting.